Sofa & CarpetCleaning

This service is suitable for carpets in high traffic areas, to remove most stains on upholstery or for an annual clean up to reduce the allergies caused by dirty carpets or upholstery. Our environmentally friendly, green cleaning solutions ensure complete customer satisfaction in the comfort of your own homes.

  • A minimum payment of AED100 is required for carpet or sofa shampooing jobs
  • Some stains over time become permanent; hence we cannot guarantee complete removal of all types stains.
  • Our workers will perform a patch test in the corner of the carpet or at the back of the sofa before proceeding with the job, once you approve of results, they will then proceed with the remaining job.
  • This service is not suitable for hand woven silk carpets.



Sofa per seat

Rates in AED

L- Shaped Sofa is considered 4 seater

AED 160

Dinning Chair – with only seat cushion

AED 20/chair

King Sized Mattress

AED 150

All other mattresses

AED 120

Single mattress

AED 100

Carpet (Small rug- upto 3ft x 4ft)

AED 75

Carpet (Medium rug – upto 4ft x 6ft)

AED 100

Carpet (Wall to wall room – upto 14ft x 14ft)

AED 200/room

Carpet (large areas that require furniture shifting)

Price upon survey

Pressure Washing

A very economical and simple way to improve the appearance of your properties. Remove dirt, grime and mould on regular basis to avoid long term wear and tear which may result in damage to the property and high repair costs. Pressure washing can help keep some of these areas clean:

  • Property Exterior
  • Driveways
  • Pavements
  • Decks Roofs